Total EngineManagement Services

Total Engine Management

A-TEAM Services has a diverse team of powerplant consultants from a variety of backgrounds including OEMs, MROs & Airlines that contribute to the vast array of experience available from A-TEAM Services to support clients’ needs.

A-TEAM Services have a professional and competent technical skillset that supports and complements clients existing resources and can assist on reactive short term events or as part of long term fleet planning goals.

Our systems are supported by comprehensive technical publications and OEM General Terms Agreements to enable access to unrivalled independent technical expertise.

Technical support services are designed to help mitigate and eliminate unnecessary maintenance expenditure and to give clients access to a dedicated pool of technical resources.

Engine Physical Inspection & External Component Check

This service safeguards that the external engine condition and component inventory and configuration is of the appropriate standard during various phases of an engine’s life cycle, including prior to purchase or lease, during maintenance or operation, and at end of lease or prior to disposal. The extent of A-TEAM Services inspections ensure that all external areas of each engine are checked for general condition as well as potential defects, whilst also catering for the compilation of external component (e.g. QEC and LRUs) checklists to confirm hardware status. The inspections performed by A-TEAM Services ensures that our client’s are aware of known issues that can negatively impact engine asset value so that appropriate action can be taken to mitigate any risk.

Engine Borescope Overview

A-TEAM Services has the capability to validate engine serviceability and assess compliance with contractual conditions through oversight of third party borescope inspections.

This service offering is to advise the client during events such as engine transition situations, not only mitigating maintenance cost exposure, but also advising on the impact of future time on wing. A-TEAM Services’s overview of borescope inspections ensures quality and impartiality during important events in the life cycle of the engine.

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Engine Ground Run Overview

A-TEAM Services has the capability to validate engine performance and parameters in accordance with aircraft maintenance manuals through overview of engine ground runs.

This service offering is to advise the client during events such as transitioning of engines, not only assessing engine performance capability and identification of current or potential issues but also advising on the impact of future time on wing and upcoming maintenance requirements that may apply to contractual conditions.

Test Cell Overview

A-TEAM Services has significant experience in analysing engine performance during and after engine test cell runs in order to validate engine performance and basic operating parameters.

A-TEAM Services will attend the test facility to overview the engine test, provide troubleshooting support as required and provide a test review report detailing future longevity and time on wing expectations. A-TEAM Services will also ensure any MRO contractual obligations are adhered to and provide recommendations to remedy any shortfall in this regard.

Transition Management

A-TEAM Services has the capability to provide full airframe and engine transition support in relation to technical, commercial and contractual records review and physical inspections. A-TEAM Services can support clients in the management of open items and support with commercial settlement negotiations during the buying, selling or transitioning period. A-TEAM Services also supports customers with non-engine specific related activities including aircraft repositioning and verification of airframe records.

Engine Shop Visit Management

A-TEAM Services have undertaken a significant number of maintenance event management and overview activities during the last 20 years resulting in the development of a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area.

Management of maintenance events by A-TEAM Services consultants ensures control of costs and compliance with regulatory requirements as well as managing the material and build standard to ensure future maintenance costs are also under control.

This continually delivers significant cost savings to engine operators and owners as well as ensuring any lease contract conditions are complied with. A-TEAM Services has developed strong relationships with all of the major MROs allowing it to position itself as a market leader in delivery of independent maintenance event management services.

Engine Health Check Review

A-TEAM Services has a lot of experience in providing engine heath check review services, a product which presents the owner or operator with a current status and future expectation of the technical, commercial and financial performance of the engine fleet.

This service offering provides visibility of future shop visit timing including required workscope, anticipated major part replacement (including life limited parts) and a full financial forecast. In undertaking this review, A-TEAM Services consultants consider all aspects of the engines technical and commercial history as well as the current technical condition of the engine derived from various operational, trend and physical inspection parameters.

Future performance of the fleet is considered against forecasted industry and market conditions with all risks considered and managed, supplemented by A-TEAM Services intellectual property.

Customized Engine Fleet Management

Whether you are an Operator or Lessor, A-TEAM Services is poised and ready to support your engine fleet management activities.

Whether in place of limited powerplant engineering resource or in support of existing powerplant departments, A-TEAM Services will bring its experience and specialist consultancy resource as part of the solution to ensure customers have the support whenever they need it.

Engine Performance Data Analysis

Engine performance and understanding its data is crucial to ensuring a reliable engine operation and assisting to forecast predictable maintenance events.

A-TEAM Services will evaluate the processed engine condition monitoring data to not only support the maintenance obligations of condition based maintenance but interpret the technical data into meaningful facts for airline planners and commercial managers to take short term and strategic fleet decisions.

Engine Leasing

A-TEAM Services provides innovative leasing solutions across a range of engine types tailored towards the specific needs of our customers.

A-TEAM Services has a worldwide customer base of airlines and lessors and MROs and via our partners we arrange short to medium term leases of midlife and mature engine types with services such as:

Lease Management Services
AOG Support
Shop Visit Cover
Spare Engine Coverage
‘Green Time’ Leasing