Total AircraftManagement Services

Total Aircraft Management

A-TEAM Services specialize in a range of aircraft technical support solutions designed to assist airlines, aircraft lessors, maintenance organizations and finance bodies in the management of their aircraft assets.

From contract negotiation, aircraft delivery and operation through to removal from service, A-TEAM Services can manage your complete maintenance, airworthiness and technical requirements to protect asset value, minimize risk and maximize revenue streams for the broad range of the aircraft from B737/A320s thru B777/A330s.

Aircraft Pre-Purchase Assessment

At this critical stage of the acquisition process, A-TEAM Services ensures that a comprehensive evaluation of contractual items, aircraft records and aircraft physical condition is conducted to advise the client of any areas to be highlighted in contract negotiations with the seller. With a multitude of experience working with lease and purchase contracts, A-TEAM Services is able to identify and iron out any potential pit falls prior to, or at, the LOI stage, so ensuring asset examination due diligence is performed and protecting the client’s financial interests at all times.

Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery Support

With well experienced & qualified team working on behalf of lessors, financiers and operators, A-TEAM Services can offer tailored project management and expert technical representation to facilitate smooth and on time aircraft delivery/redelivery in all situations. A-TEAM Services can assist in the preparation and planning prior to expiration of any lease contract, be it for an operator or a Lessor and conducts a thorough review of the aircraft’s records and data and thoroughly inspects the hardware to compare it with the lease redelivery conditions. A-TEAM Services can then manage the whole redelivery process for the client with consistent reporting of findings of our inspections to all stakeholders and suggest a course of action to secure an efficient, safe and cost effective redelivery.

Lease Negotiation Support

With years of exposure to lease contracts, A-TEAM Services is able to offer technical, commercial and aviation authority expertise to operators and Lessors to ensure all technical and commercial aspects are structured to maximise risk mitigation and asset protection The lease contract is a critical element and if not negotiated well, can be the ‘starting point of a bad deal’. A-TEAM Services can support clients to ensure aircraft are fit for customer’s specific requirements whilst minimising technical and financial risk throughout its contractual period of operation.
Aircraft Lease Term Inspections/Surveys Many aircraft owners and financiers often need to establish the health of their assets mid lease term to ensure asset value and maintenance condition is maintained.

A-TEAM Services can perform full mid lease inspections or periodic surveys if aircraft down time is limited on a global basis. This service is designed to offer our Lessor and Finance customers the assurance that their asset is being cared for in accordance with their contractual lease agreements to gain an understanding of the current condition, maintenance status, airworthiness and ultimately value of the aircraft and will help to ensure asset is being maintained compliance with the terms of the agreements.

Aircraft Maintenance Check Monitoring

A-TEAM Services represents both aircraft owners and operators offering careful management of maintenance checks, review of work packages and technical oversight of package completion. By controlling non-routine maintenance tasks and material logistics, A-TEAM can offer expert advice supporting Maintenance Check Reserve verification, drawdown and cost sharing. A-TEAM Services’ experience with global MRO facilities ensures clients asset interest is protected and monitored at all times through these complex maintenance phases.

Aircraft Technical Evaluation

A-TEAM Services can conduct full aircraft technical assessments through due diligence of both records and physical inspection of aircraft for a full independent perspective on technical and commercial insights of an individual asset or an entire fleet.

Over many years, A-TEAM Services has developed solid internal processes and built up significant intellectual property knowledge for objective analysis on aircraft technical and commercial aspects from which our clients can benefit. A-TEAM Services aircraft experts will examine all aircraft records, documents and other relevant data, and conduct a thorough physical inspection of the aircraft and then recommend an approach in line with the client’s goals and objectives.

CAMO Services Support

A-TEAM Services has highly skilled and experienced engineering staff to support you with a full range of continuous airworthiness management services. A-TEAM targets to get its own Part-M CAMO approval soon. On request, A-TEAM Services can provide all needed service on the following topics and even more;

Aircraft Maintenance Program
Reliability Program
Minimum Equipment List Airworthiness Directive & Service Bulletins
Time Tracking & Control
Maintenance Visit Planning

Part-21 Design Services Support

A-TEAM Services is able to manage design requirements of airlines and lessors via properly authorized and well experienced DOA Part-21 Subpart J certificated partners. Via our partners with DOA , A-TEAM are able to manage any kind of cabin layout modification on multiple aircraft types including:

A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777
LOPA reconfiguration/modification
Galley/lavatory/monuments removal and/or installation
Aircraft external livery definition and change approval
Increase/decrease of pax seats (from single class to mixed class and vice-versa)