VEGA AVIATION GROUP was established in 1999 in Istanbul, Turkey and has built up a wide customer base through its management team who have over 100 years of collective experience in different levels of management positions of Airlines and MROs.

Consultancy and management services in both commercial aircraft and engines

Sale & leasing of commercial aviation aircraft and engines

Purchasing, sale & leasing and exchanging of engine parts and airframe rotable components and accessories

Sale of aircraft consumables

Aircraft Technical Engineering & Asset Management (A-TEAM)Aircraft - Technical Engineering & Asset Management (A-TEAM) Services is an integrated service offering of VEGA Aviation Group that aims to provide specialized quality and total aircraft and engine management services for airline, lessor and finance professionals.

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Total Aircraft Management Services

A-TEAM Services specialize in a range of aircraft technical support solutions designed to assist airlines, aircraft lessors, maintenance organizations and finance bodies in the management of their aircraft assets.

From contract negotiation, aircraft delivery and operation through to removal from service, A-TEAM Services can manage your complete maintenance, airworthiness and technical requirements to protect asset value, minimize risk and maximize revenue streams for the broad range of the aircraft from B737/A320s thru B777/A330s.

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Total Engine Management Services

A-TEAM Services has a diverse team of powerplant consultants from a variety of backgrounds including OEMs, MROs & Airlines that contribute to the vast array of experience available from A-TEAM Services to support clients’ needs.

A-TEAM Services have a professional and competent technical skillset that supports and complements clients existing resources and can assist on reactive short term events or as part of long term fleet planning goals.

Our systems are supported by comprehensive technical publications and OEM General Terms Agreements to enable access to unrivalled independent technical expertise.

Technical support services are designed to help mitigate and eliminate unnecessary maintenance expenditure and to give clients access to a dedicated pool of technical resources.

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